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Thriving in uncertainty

The challenges faced and the keys to success in today’s downstream market.

Maximising diesel production through integrated Hydroprocessing

Well integrated hydroprocessing technology – for hydrotreating and hydrocracking – can give refiners an edge over their competition.

Revamping a hydrotreating unit for improved hydrogenation of diesel

A key value driver for an EU refiner, including a novel process option developed by Shell Global Solutions aims to produce more diesel with improved quality and more propylene.

Cost effective management of a High-Vacuum Unit revamp

High-vacuum unit (HVU) revamp can have significant impact on vacuum gasoil yield improvement.

Thermal conversion revamp boosts diesel production

Thermal conversion is cost effective, versatile way to increase refinery’s margins.

Gas/liquid treatment and sulphur recovery

Dave Clark and Rick Birnbaum compare and contrast how these new additions to Shell’s technologies can be exploited.