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The architecture of value creation

An introduction from Suleyman Ozmen, Vice President, Refining and Chemical Licensing, Shell Global Solutions International B.V.

How co-creation can improve the value delivered by capital projects

Only the best planned and executed projects successfully achieve all their objectives.

Straight talk on next-generation hydrocracking technology

Shell’s new deasphalted oil (DAO) hydrocracker at Grupa LOTOS SA’s Gdañsk refinery in Poland is processing about 50% DAO and 50% VGO at up to 85% conversion directly into jet fuel and Euro 5 diesel.

Managing complexity, optimising integration and reassuring investors

Refinery projects can encounter problems if they become unexpectedly complex.

Capitalising on opportunity

Refinery profitability may be improved by operating with a cheaper crude oil diet, though, in practice, this is harder than it sounds.

Ukrtatnafta's ULSD journey

How the refiner met its cleaner fuels mandate and enhanced competitiveness.

A step change in hydrocracker performance

How Shell Scotford refinery rose to the dual challenge of shifting to a more difficult feed while also increasing capacity

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