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Table of contents

Foreword: Ed Daniels, Vice President Commercial, Shell Global Solutions

Ed Daniels shares a high-level overview of energy industry trends.

Industry perspectives

Hellenic's John Fotopolous and Charles Gent of Shell Global Solutions discuss the future of the energy industry.

Winning in a downturn

Cost savings can help companies turn the current economic challenges into opportunities for growth.

Preparing for the future

Shell's energy scenarios explore possible developments and strategies about the future of energy.

From refiner to refiner

Investment in key processes and technologies is becoming more important in the refining industry today.

Smart practices

Proper asset management is a prerequisite for any operation, allowing operators to properly manage risks.

Bright ideas, big rewards

Innovation and R&D are key in the oil and gas industry, especially in the current climate of strict regulation and increasing competition.

The science of the small

Shell Chief Scientist, Sergio Kapusta, explains how nanotechnology can help get more oil and gas out of existing fields.