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The sulphur paradox

It’s getting tougher out there. Limits on sulphur in retail and transportation fuels continue to tighten across the world as the demand for these resources grows with the rising global population.

Sour gas processing

Recent project experiences demonstrate the effectiveness of integrated solutions

Solutions for complexity and cost challenges

As gas exploration moves into increasingly difficult locations (e.g. ultra-deep water), reservoirs (e.g. contaminated gases containing CO2, H2S, mercaptans, etc.) and resources (e.g. tight gas, gas shale, gas hydrates), operators need more innovative and effective ways to manage complexity and costs while minimising their environmental footprint.

Optimal disposal solution

Creating value from the bottom of the barrel through gasification

Unlocking ULSD unit potential

In the current challenging economic climate, refiners must squeeze all they can from their existing assets

Customised catalyst solutions

Criterion’s combined catalyst systems deliver powerful response to the need for increased ULSD activity

Deeper residue upgrading

Responding to the challenges of future heavy oil upgrading