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Reimagining Capital Projects

Exemplars of value-adding projects described using the Shell Global Solutions Honeycomb Model

Co-create. Integrate. Innovate

Why integration, along with technology and partnership, is emerging as a business imperative on oil and gas projects

Cultivating effective technical collaboration

A granular look at how some highly successful refinery projects achieved their objectives.

Key lessons from successful hydrocracker projects

Although industry analysts suggest that cost pressures and depressed refining margins will remain, there is still significant growth in the hydrocracking market. Following the successful implementation of recent hydrocracker projects at, among others, Grupa LOTOS and CNOOC, this supplement aims to capture some important lessons, best practices and thought leadership that may help other refiners to deliver their own value-adding initiatives.

Integrated solutions for thriving in tomorrow’s refining industry

Refiners globally will continue to experience numerous challenges in the coming years. Principal among these is the sulphur paradox, which is a reality that refiners increasingly face: more sulphur is coming into the refinery as the availability of sweet crudes diminishes, but less sulphur must leave the refinery within the finished products or as harmful emissions.

Challenges and opportunities facing the global refining industry

Hydrocarbon Processing Special Supplement - an inside look at the Challenges and Opportunities facing the Global Refining Industry

Licensing solutions for tomorrow

Today’s downstream market faces significant challenges. Fortunately there are several keys to success which can enable refiners to thrive in uncertainty whether the market dips further, recovers quickly or enters another pattern.

Winning in the downturn

Special supplement to Hydrocarbon Processing

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