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Overview of the Shell refining technology portfolio

Refiners are facing a dynamic business environment. Crude prices are volatile. Heavy, high-sulphur and acidic opportunity crudes are increasingly available.

Demand for lighter products is high; product legislation and emissions standards are tightening; and health, safety and environment mandates also have to be met.

Cutting-edge licensed technologies are being leveraged to introduce new hardware into refineries. These technologies can help refiners to raise capacities, take advantage of opportunity crudes and meet stringent specifications.

Shell Global Solutions licenses a wide range of industry-leading technologies across all refinery processes.


An overview of Shell's extensive refining technology portfolio.

The Sulphur Technology Platform

Today’s business climate poses significant challenges for refiners. Refiners are challenged to meet growing energy demand as well as upgrade crudes to meet stringent environmental regulations.

Dewaxing technologies for distillate applications

Cold flow properties improvement process.

Maximum diesel hydrocracking

Novel and innovative full-conversion process schemes

Dual-service hydrocracking

High-quality middle distillate products from partial conversion of heavy oil fractions and difficult feedstocks


Advanced process and catalyst systems to help optimise unit performance and maximise cycle length

Distillation and separation technologies

Improve performance and minimise expenditure

Thermal conversion

Converting the bottom of the barrel into higher-value products

Fluidised catalytic cracking

Leading-edge technology for enhanced reliability and environmental performance

Reactor internals

State-of-the-art hardware to help optimise catalyst utilisation, maximise cycle length and increase process safety

Refining catalysts

Market-leading, high-performance hydroprocessing solutions