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Owner Operator Experience - Quote 1

Shell Global Solutions supports refiners and petrochemical operators by licensing cutting-edge technology, and leverages a corporate track record that stretches back over 50 years. We provide technical and operational support to Shell, which produces around 3.5 MMboe/d and is active in more than 130 countries and territories worldwide.

By drawing on Shell’s extensive global operating experience, we leverage our technologies, expertise and experience for clients ranging from major international corporations through to national oil companies, government agencies and independent refineries. Moreover, we have made an extended commitment to r&D for new technologies and catalyst systems that can enhance the value of processing heavier crudes.

Proof Point – North Atlantic

North Atlantic refining Ltd was experiencing issues such as high deactivation rates due to feed contaminants and high-pressure drop caused by upstream unit upsets at its 37,000-bbl/d hydrocracker in Newfoundland, Canada. By collaborating with Shell Global Solutions, Criterion Catalysts & Technologies and Zeolyst International, North Atlantic achieved yield improvements and pressure drop reductions, and was able meet ultra-low-sulphur-diesel specifications for the entire cycle