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Global Solutions Licensed technologies

Shell Global Solutions licenses refining and petrochemical technologies and also provides business and operational consultancy to help its customers upgrade the capacity and performance of their existing units; integrate new process units into current refinery operations and petrochemical complexes; incorporate advanced catalyst systems and reactor internals; and build new refineries.

Industry Insight

Various market changes, ranging from increased product demand to alterations in product legislation and emission standards, can trigger project opportunities. But how do you evaluate – and execute – the projects that will secure the best returns?

Transferring owner-operator experience throughout the entire project life cycle

Experience shows that successful programmes begin with a robust front-end project design and execution plan

Overview of the Shell refining technology portfolio

Refiners are facing a dynamic business environment. Crude prices are volatile. Heavy, high-sulphur and acidic opportunity crudes are increasingly available. Demand for lighter products is high; product legislation and emissions standards are tightening; and health, safety and environment mandates also have to be met

The Shell petrochemical technology portfolio

Intensifying pressure in petrochemicals

Leveraging owner-operator experience and innovation

Shell Global Solutions supports refiners and petrochemical operators by licensing cutting-edge technology, and leverages a corporate track record that stretches back over 50 years

Impact issue 1, 2015