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The downstream sector thrives on change and challenge.

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Oil and gas companies have to find new ways to attract people into the industry.


Ed Daniels, Executive Vice President, Shell Projects & Technology

Ed Daniels, Executive Vice President, Shell Projects & Technology

I have been looking back over the past four years and reflecting on the changes that have occurred in our industry since my first involvement with Impact in 2009.

Over this period, the global energy market has been reshaped by world events, changes in government legislation and growing acceptance of the need to modify energy use and minimise the negative effects of climate change.

Major social and political shifts in Asia, the Middle East and North Africa have contributed to the sense that we are living in changing times.

Impact naturally reflects these changes and this issue provides a clear snapshot of current issues and the challenges that lie ahead.

How an increasing focus on sustainable development by commercial organisations can complement and enhance the aid programmes run by governmental and charitable organisations in the developing world is illustrated in article Better choices for a brighter future.

This takes a look at providing access to cleaner energy solutions for the world’s poorest people.

We would all like to know what the future holds, but, unfortunately, crystal balls are none too reliable!

In Shell, we use a scenario planning method that examines possible consequences of the current trends in our industry and in a global society that faces rapid population growth and surging demand for access to energy resources.

The greatly increased focus on industrial emissions and continuing reliance on fossil fuels mean that we need technologies to make coal a more attractive and environmentally sustainable fuel source for power generation.

Another challenge for operators relates to managing the refining–petrochemicals interface, particularly when it comes to a change on one site that will affect the other.

However, taking such an integrated approach, such as to the catalyst selection Process described in Optimising enterprise economics.

The downstream sector thrives on change and challenge.

The past four years have been a particularly interesting time for everyone associated with the oil and gas industry and we should all be looking forward to the next part of the story.