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Ed Daniels compares business and technical challenges with sporting endeavour.


Mitigating the completion risk

Key tactics for de-risking a capital project

The next big challenge

Wave after wave of ever-more stringent fuels specifications have pushed the allowable sulphur content of diesel and gasoline down from 500 to 10–15 ppm in most parts of the world in recent years

The quest for improved performance

How customers’ needs guide hydrocracking catalysts development

High-efficiency IGCC with carbon capture

Integrated technologies deliver improvements to power production and plant efficiency

Harness the power of nature

Innovative biological gas desulphurisation process offers various benefits

Case study

Under pressure

How operating the Shell sulphur degasser at pressure can substantially cut emissions and enhance safety

Capitalising on opportunities

How dynamism fuels Oxiranchem’s high-speed growth

Setting new standards

How PDO achieved ultra-deep sulphur recovery on its highly sour oil and gas development mega-project

Preventing foaming in acid gas removal units

Key insights for foam-free operation

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