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Ed Daniels compares business and technical challenges with sporting endeavour.


Engineered for success?

Capturing technical skills in an under-resourced market.

Drop-in biofuels for microorganisms

John Love, Exeter University, UK, takes a look at the future of biofuels.

At the sharp end

Project managers share their views on executing a successful project.

Developing game-changing catalysts

Pushing Shell's gas to liquids operations down the cost curve.

Catalytic dewaxing

An opportunity for creating additional margin.

Case study

Controlling sulphur in China's power sector

Major coal-fired power plant adopts Cansolv's technology.

Building Saskatchewan's greener future

Cansolv's emission control technologies' key role in CCS venture.

Capitalising on opportunity

New Criterion catalyst improves US refinery's kerosene processing.

Unlocking the potential of DAO hydrocracking

Results from the new hydrocracker at Grupa LOTOS SA's Gdańsk refinery.

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CRI Catalyst Company serves the chemical and petrochemical industry by supplying catalysts, technology, and services to meet a wide range of requirements.
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