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Ed Daniels discusses the importance of making good decisions.


Making sense of the sulphur challenge

Shell Chief Scientist Jose Bravo gives his views on a major issue for the oil and gas industry.

Conflict, compromise and collaboration

How divergent views make for better decision making.

Defying the law of diminishing returns

Enabling step-change improvements in catalysts.

Case study

Better by design

New deep-cut vacuum unit to provide Thaioil with increased distillate recovery.

A cracking performance boost

Improved hydrocracker operations for South Korean refinery.

A model decision-making method

Choosing the most effective ethylene oxide catalyst.

Targeting the toughest feedstocks

Innovative solution delivers high-specification products.

Unorthodox business processes

How progressive, inspired private enterprises are changing the business landscape in China.

Working together for better separation

Innovative inlet design helps to cut entrainment at German refinery.

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