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Chris Finlayson and Ed Daniels outline the opportunities to be explored in the downturn

Industry news

News and events from around the industry

Global update

Oil and gas updates from around the globe

Business news

Transforming production

Real-time information and remote collaboration help to increase production revenues and reduce costs

The fine art of forecasting

Recent oil price roller-coaster ride set to continue

A streamlined approach

Refiners can achieve performance improvements without large capital investments

Carbon constrained

Preparing for a low-carbon economy in a capital-constrained world

Surviving the downturn

Invest now to gain competitive advantage

Persist and thrive

Karl Rose, Shell's Chief Strategist, outlines ways of capturing the valuable opportunities presented by the global downturn

New tactics for tough times

Quick-win services that deliver during a downturn

Case study

A window on the world

Enhancing margins at low capital expenditure - The strategic imperative