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Impact magazine is a quarterly publication from Shell Global Solutions providing information and insights on energy industry issues and trends, new technology, case studies, events and more.

Lead feature

Pushing catalyst boundaries

14 Jan 2014

Can catalysts continue to be a source competitive advantage for end-users?

Innovation inside the reactor

14 Jan 2014

How state-of-the-art reactor internals helped debottleneck a Total hydrocracker

Petrobras’s clean fuels journey

14 Jan 2014

How Brazil’s state-owned oil company is making 10-ppm sulphur diesel and raising refining capacity while processing the most difficult crudes

Better choices for a brighter future

16 Sep 2013

A business approach to sustainable development

The shape of things to come?

16 Sep 2013

“New Lens Scenarios” for the challenge of changing times

New life for coal-fired power

16 Sep 2013

Pilot plant marks world first for carbon dioxide and sulphur dioxide capture

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