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Impact magazine is a quarterly publication from Shell Global Solutions providing information and insights on energy industry issues and trends, new technology, case studies, events and more.

Lead feature

Building on a century of innovation

11 Dec 2014

Research continues at Shell Technology Centre Amsterdam

Getting to grips with sulphur recovery units

11 Dec 2014

Gasification projects present some design challenges but also offer some interesting opportunities

Learning from each other

11 Dec 2014

The importance of creative interaction between the strategic licensor and EPC contractor

Working together to develop tomorrow’s fuel

11 Dec 2014

How Shell’s involvement in endurance racing is helping to develop fuels for the future

Making diesel for Russian winters

11 Dec 2014

Catalytic dewaxing helps refinery to produce high-quality winter diesel

Turning the tide on hydrocracker bottoms

11 Dec 2014

Hyundai Oilbank proves there is value in lower-value by-products

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