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Breakthrough technology development

  • Novel technologies to effectively process acid & sour gas, i.e. membrane processes;
  • Improved natural gas scrubbing technology to increase capital effectiveness and energy efficiency in CO2/H2S removal;
  • New CO2 capture technologies for Carbon Capture and Storage.

Maturation and improvement of existing technologies

  • Development of new generation of SCOT* off-gas treatment and catalytic incineration catalysts;
  • Continuous improvements to Shell’s proprietary ADIP* and SULFINOL* technologies through the implementation of operational experience in new solvent developments;
  • Deployment of early generation, commercial scale, flue gas CO2 capture technologies (CANSOLV*);
  • Support to large scale Carbon Capture Storage demonstration projects;
  • Continuous improvement of state of the art hydrocarbon dew pointing, dehydration and trace component removal technologies.

Supporting our existing business

  • Support to operational challenges in gas processing (operations, de-bottlenecking, analytical support);
  • Improvement of amine-solvent quality monitoring and maintenance;
  • Selection of the optimal adsorbents for trace contaminant removal and for gas dehydration.

Names marked with an asterisk * are trademarks that are owned and used by companies of the Shell Group.