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Shell Helix Racing oils and Shell Racing Fuels are available through our distributors in the countries featured here.  For enquiries regarding supply to other locations please contact us by email.

Shell Helix Racing oils are available in 5-litre plastic containers.  Other pack sizes may be available on request; please contact your nearest supplier for details.

Shell Racing Fuels are supplied in 50-litre drums with handles to improve the ease of fuelling your vehicle. Larger drum sizes may be available upon request; please contact your nearest distributor for details.


Shell Racing Solutions Europe distributor map

United States

Shell Racing Solutions North America and Barbados distributor map

For Shell Racing Fuels, contact:

Corey Schweitzer, EJ Schweitzer, Alan Hemsworth
Corey Oil Ltd (Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin)
Tel: 800 945 0239
Fax: 262 966 0868
Email: northlake@coreyoil.com
Website: Corey Oil Ltd

Shell Racing Solutions US
Toll Free: +1-888-81-Shell (74355)
Email: Shell Racing Solutions