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About Shell Racing Solutions

More than eighty years of participation in all levels of motorsport has helped us gain significant and invaluable insights, knowledge and experience to help find that winning edge. And our designers, scientists and engineers can draw on the huge technical resources of Shell worldwide to develop innovative products that help improve power, efficiency and reliability. We can tap into a pipeline of ideas and innovations to help solve problems and push back the boundaries of performance.

At the very pinnacle of motorsport, top motorsport designers and engineers consider the specification of the race fuel and lubricants as part of the initial concept design package so as to ensure that every element of the performance package is maximised.

In some cases, such as with Ferrari in Formula One, we work closely with the design team at the concept stage so that the specification of the fuels and lubricants can be configured during the process of design optimisation. And we put that level of knowledge and commitment into all our race fuels and lubricants to help you find race-winning performance.