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Strategic Alliance with Sulzer Chemtech

Shell Global Solutions International B.V. and Sulzer Chemtech Ltd have renewed and extended their strategic alliance agreement, originally concluded in 2000. The new agreement further strengthens the long standing relationship between Shell Global Solutions and Sulzer Chemtech, a globally active leading supplier of separation and mixing technology.

Under the previous agreement, Sulzer Chemtech became the world-wide licensee for Shell Global Solutions’ high capacity tray and phase separation technology. The agreement proved mutually beneficial and, due to its success, both parties have agreed not only to continue but also extend their collaboration to include provisions to support and formalise joint development of new mass transfer and separation equipment.

Both Shell Global Solutions and Sulzer Chemtech are of the firm belief that the extended alliance can result in improved utilisation of resources and can yield truly exciting products, combining all aspects from process requirement and utilisation to manufacturing and marketing.

“By joining forces in common development, Shell Global Solutions and Sulzer Chemtech will be in a unique position to develop products, which are well-adapted to the challenges of the future”, said Dr Dave Clark, General Manager, Process Licensing, Shell Global Solutions International B.V.

"We are satisfied that we can continue our successful cooperation with Shell Global Solutions and excited about the opportunity of joint product development with an operating process licensor", said Philipp Süess, Senior Vice President, Mass Transfer Technology, Sulzer Chemtech Ltd.