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Shell Global Solutions Licenses Technology to Refinery Company

Shell Global Solutions International B.V. (Shell Global Solutions) and South Atlantic Refinery Company S.A. (SARC) recently signed an agreement to license technology for SARC’s new greenfield refinery, planned to start up in Aracaju in the Sergipe region of Brazil in 2011.

The agreement calls for Shell Global Solutions to provide the technology and basic design for six refinery process units. The technology will help SARC comply with the latest fuel specifications and meet rising demand for certain fuels, particularly low-sulphur diesel in Europe.

Shell Global Solutions has been advising SARC for the past year on the optimum configuration for the refinery and will continue to provide ongoing consultation through to the start up. The Sergipe refinery’s capacity will be approximately ten million tonnes of crude oil per year. It will be designed for high energy efficiency, thus keeping carbon dioxide emissions as low as possible.

Dr. David Wood, CEO, SARC, said: “We are pleased to be extending our relationship with Shell Global Solutions to the next stage of the project as their licensed technologies for hydrocracking and partial oxidation are highly sophisticated. The combined technologies we selected will allow us flexibility in crude processing without having to bring natural gas to the site.”

Wayne Hutchinson, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Shell Global Solutions, said: “As a refiner, we understand industry issues and technology’s crucial role in meeting energy demands. With our ongoing consultancy and cutting-edge licensed technologies, we can help SARC’s newest refinery meet regulatory and product specification needs in an energy-efficient way.”