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Helping refiners manage sulphur levels

Shell Global Solutions launched a sulphur technology platform at the European Refining Technology Conference (ERTC) Annual Meeting in Istanbul, Turkey.

This solution aims to help refiners deal with more stringent limits expected on sulphur in retail and transportation fuels as the demand for these resources increases. Shell Global Solutions says that refiners using this sulphur technology platform can handle the ever-growing level of sulphur produced in refining processes to meet global emissions standards and product specifications despite processing heavier and more sour crudes.

The proposed sulphur technology platform, to maximize clean transportation fuels and meet emission specifications, starts with deep flash vacuum distillation technology. This technology cuts deeper into the bottom of the barrel, resulting in higher vacuum distillate yields compared to conventional vacuum units. This comprehensive platform encompasses a broad range of catalytic and technology solutions from Shell Global Solutions to deal with sulphur in any form (gas, liquid or solid).

Through various alliances, the sulphur technology platform also provides integrated solutions, including revamps, such as vacuum gasoil units converted to mild hydrocracking, optimised hydrotreating of gasoline, kerosene and diesel components to low sulphur products and gas treating technologies to substantially reduce refinery emissions, while producing pelletized sulphur for further application.

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