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Criterion Catalysts & Technologies

Catalyst Review

Criterion Catalysts & Technologies (Criterion) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Shell Global Solutions and a major global supplier of refining and petrochemical catalysts, technologies, processes and knowledge.

Having multiple research & development, manufacturing and technical services facilities spread around the world gives Criterion insights into local trends and the ability to respond rapidly to each customer’s current and future needs, enabling them to realise greater value from their hydroprocessing assets.

CENTERA® catalyst technology

Criterion has developed CENTERA catalyst technology, the culmination of years of in-depth research on the fundamental structure of active sites combined with the commercial experience of Criterion’s proven CENTINEL, CENTINEL GOLD and ASCENT platforms. CENTERA technology is based on controlled assembly of highly active nano-structures and provides refiners with the potential to increase run length, process more difficult feedstocks and increase throughput.

The CENTERA approach maximises the catalyst activity and performance of the ULSD unit. This approach helps refiners upgrade heavier feeds to make more diesel, maximises the light cycle oil into the diesel pool, extends cycle life and offers the ability to process more difficult crudes. Ultimately, it enables refiners to extract the potential from existing assets in a challenging economic climate, and keep up with the global drive towards clean fuels.

Criterion’s CENTERA family of products have further applications, too. They have allowed for significant increases in activity, not only in ULSD production, but also in hydrocracker pretreating and fluid catalytic cracker (FCC) pretreating. The advantages to customers include reliability, the ability to meet refinery-specific objectives and, most importantly, flexibility.

Criterion recognises the need for tailored solutions, as one catalyst formulation cannot guarantee the best performance across the broad spectrum of process conditions – which is where CENTERA catalyst technology comes in. In ULSD applications, the CoMo CENTERA DC-2618 product can effectively meet the challenges presented by low-pressure low-severity units, whereas in high severity units, Criterion’s CENTERA DN-3630 has the advantage of NiMo catalysts to take performance to the next level.

CENTERA catalyst technology demonstrates that as refining objectives shift and the economic situation changes, Criterion continues to innovate and develop catalyst systems to match the capabilities and operational constraints of individual units.