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Latin American Petrochemicals company Suzano Petroquímica (formerly Polibrasil) is the leading producer of polypropylene resins, the second largest producer of thermoplastic resins in Brazil and has a total polypropylene production capacity of 685,000 t/yr at its three plants in Brazil.

With the polypropylene global market becoming increasingly competitive, Suzano Petroquímica was aware that reducing energy consumption would help to maintain its position as a market leader.

Suzano Petroquímica teamed up with Shell Global Solutions to implement an energy-management programme at the Camaçari plant, which produces polypropylene, has an installed capacity of 125,000 t/yr and is the oldest of the three plants. At the beginning of the programme, an on-site team of Shell Global Solutions’ energy consultants and Suzano Petroquímica operational staff was established for close cooperation in identifying energy savings.

The energy-management programme was originally designed for refineries but it is now also applied in petrochemicals, gas and LNG, paper and pulp, minerals processing, specialty glass etc.

It has four main phases:

  • assessment – identifying and prioritising opportunities
  • development – defining the technical scope of selected projects and validating savings and costs
  • implementation – executing and commissioning the selected improvement projects, and structuring tools, roles and processes to enable the company to maintain the realised value
  • sustainment – managing the results of the previous phases and building to achieve additional improvements.

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