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Like all Royal Dutch Shell plc (Shell) manufacturing plants, Deer Park is striving for operational excellence. In 2004, a study by Solomon Associates (the refining industry’s benchmarking body) identified substantial potential collective savings that could be captured through efficiency improvements at Shell manufacturing sites. Shell is resolutely chasing efficiency improvements by performing business improvement reviews (BIR) at its refining and manufacturing sites.

To enhance its performance, the Deer Park chemicals plant had undertaken several improvement initiatives, but these had left employees feeling overstretched. Some of the initiatives had focused on short-term cost management at the expense of operational reliability. The plant needed an effective strategy to help improve reliability and to sustain those improvements.

In January 2006, the Deer Park chemicals plant became the first Shell Chemicals facility to undertake a BIR. With the BIR, the site would have a single actionable improvement plan and the capacity to deliver all the parts of this plan.

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