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The company was formed in 2002 during major restructuring of the Brazilian petrochemical industry. It now operates 14 chemical plants with a total production capacity of more than 6 million tonnes a year of chemical and petrochemical products.

A naphtha cracker, the largest in Brazil, forms the heart of the industrial complex in Camaçari, Bahia State, north-eastern Brazil. It supplies feedstocks and utilities to Braskem’s downstream polyethylene, polypropylene and polyvinyl chloride plants as well as to other large international companies on the same industrial complex.

Continuous improvement
A strong culture of continuous improvement exists at Braskem. To compete in the international market with its products and to set an example for the region, the company strives to operate its plants, including the naphtha cracker, very cost-effectively and efficiently.

An external auditor supported Braskem in identifying opportunities for performance improvement of its plants, including the cracker. As a result of this work, Braskem developed the Braskem+ project to enhance the reliability, productivity and operational effectiveness of the unit.

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