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Whether the challenge is to maintain long-term growth and maximise asset performance; to respond to new legislation and meet corporate responsibilities; or to work towards a greener energy future, Shell Global Solutions has a consistent aim – to help its customers respond to today’s demanding environment both profitably and responsibly, while planning strategically for tomorrow.

Shell Global Solutions has its origins in the research and technical service organisation that supported the Shell's activities worldwide. Originally, our mandate was to work with the Shell businesses in the development of “wellhead-to-wheels” technology. However, we recognised that our leading-edge technologies, intellectual property and operational expertise could be a significant value creation opportunity for other leading players in the industry.

By drawing on its experience, Shell Global Solutions provides business, operational-support and project-execution services from design and engineering through to commissioning and start-up, experience transfer, master planning and training;

We all face new challenges and opportunities every day. Fluctuating safety and environmental regulations; heavier and more complex crudes; erosion of expertise with the exodus of experienced workforce members; and constant pressure for innovative new products are just a few. We are all seeking solutions that operationalise and optimise forward-thinking strategies.

Industry insights

Shell Global Solutions draws on its corporate heritage as the owner and operator of large plants around the world to provide clients in the oil and gas, petrochemical production and other processing industries with cutting-edge energy technology, catalysts, R&D expertise and business and operational consulting services. Crucially, our support does not end with the delivery of a report; we also provide implementation and change management assistance.

In search of innovation excellence

We are constantly searching for opportunities to enhance value and achieve business objectives quicker, cheaper and more simply and efficiently. We encourage innovation in all business areas; for instance, we are researching new business models, techniques to retain and share knowledge, and ways of reducing the capital cost of major projects. Joining forces with others, including government partners, leading universities and private companies, is helping to accelerate the innovation process.


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As the energy needs of the world change, so do the demands for more innovative solutions. Do you have the talent and tenacity to help us deliver sustainable solutions to power tomorrow?