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Shell Global Solutions helps improve its customers' business performance by providing leading-edge energy consulting and innovative technology. We are committed to responsible energy, innovative technology solutions and environmentally friendly approaches. Our technologies have been developed in response to the challenges that emerge when operating complex process plants in demanding operating environments:

Refinery and chemical licensing

We license technologies and provide consultancy to help customers upgrade the capacity and performance of their existing units; integrate new process units into current refinery operations; incorporate advanced catalyst systems and reactor internals; and build new refineries.

Gas processing licensing

We provide design, technical service and research and development support for a wide range of technologies covering the entire spectrum of gas-and liquids-treating, and sulphur-recovery processes.

Gasification licensing

Our highly flexible gasification technology can be tuned to a variety of configurations, depending on customers’ need.

Shell Cansolv - Gas absorption solutions

We provide gas treating and sulphur dioxide (SO2) and carbon dioxide (CO2) recovery technologies, with a high-performance portfolio of reliable solutions that can help meet the most stringent product specifications and emission limits at lower costs.

Impact issue 1, 2015