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Shell FuelSave Diesel is designed to help:

  • save fuel by up to 3%*;
  • reduce fall-off in engine performance;
  • prevent fuel system corrosion;
  • reduce foaming when refuelling; and
  • lower CO2 emissions and black smoke**.

How it works

Save up to 3% fuel consumption, prevent increased emissions and smoke, protect against fuel system corrosion, reduce foaming

See how Shell FuelSave Diesel can help:

Engine: Prevent injector deposit build up - We measured the effects of nozzle deposits in internal tests with on-road heavy duty diesel engines and found a difference in fuel consumption of up to 3% compared to regular diesel.

Exhaust: Lower CO2 emissions and black smoke** - Designed to keep injector nozzles clean, Shell FuelSave Diesel supports more efficient combustion, which in turn helps to reduce CO2 emissions and black smoke**.

Fuel system: Protect against fuel system corrosion - Over time, rust can eat away at steel tanks and pipelines. Shell FuelSave Diesel contains a powerful corrosion inhibitor designed to help protect your vehicles’ fuel systems from corrosion.

Fuel tank: Reduce foaming when refuelling - Diesel naturally produces foam, which takes up tank space and slows down the refueling process. Shell FuelSave Diesel is formulated to reduce foaming for faster, cleaner refueling, with less risk of spillage.

*over the lifetime of the vehicle. Compared to regular diesel without fuel economy formula.

** in heavy duty engines up to and including Euro lll

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