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We continually invest in Research and Development (R&D) and our engineers, scientists and researchers are working to develop high quality fuels to better address your business needs.

Our five research facilities worldwide work closely with international research networks, industrial associations and customers to enhance the quality and performance of our fuels and make them more efficient and cleaner.

PAE Labor, Hamburg, Germany

The German Laboratory provides technical support and consultancy services to many businesses at Shell. The Commercial Fuels Technology team on site is the global centre of expertise for liquid heating fuels for industrial and private customers. It undertakes R&D projects for fuel applications in many industries, for example power generation, marine and rail. The research team is involved in the development of alternative fuels, bio products and liquid solutions from renewable sources.

PAE has established close collaboration with different teams at Shell and co-operates with leading equipment manufacturers.

Shell Research and Technology Centre Amsterdam (STCA), The Netherlands

Shell Research and Technology Centre Amsterdam (STCA), The Netherlands

Shell Research and Technology Centre Amsterdam (STCA), The Netherlands

Located in the centre of Amsterdam, SRTCA has been the main centre of expertise for Shell’s research on heavy fuel oil. Our activities involve the development of premium fuel oil solutions to address specific needs of our industrial customers. The team provides customer support and carries out trials to demonstrate to customers the product benefits and their business advantages.

More advanced products are currently being developed aiming to meet lower emission limits and address the needs of the wider industry.

Shell Technology Center Houston (STCH), Houston, Texas (USA)

Fuels technologists at Westhollow provide support to a variety of Commercial Fuels activities, including:

• development and marketing of products, such as premium home heating fuel and commercial road transport diesel

• product testing and technical support for customers

• technical guidance and recommendations on the potential impact of developing fuels trends such as ultra low-sulphur diesel (ULSD) and bio diesel blends.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Our Kuala Lumpur facility undertakes research and trials on premium fuel oils and works closely with many customers on their sites. It also conducts technical training for our Commercial Fuels teams in East.

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