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Styrene monomer is an industrial chemical derived from oil and gas production. It is an important raw material for making a range of modern plastics and synthetic rubbers which are used in a host of everyday products.

What is styrene monomer and how is it used?

Styrene monomer is a widely used raw material because it enables a multitude of products valued by consumers for their beneficial properties including strength, durability, convenience, light weight and safety.

Are styrene-based products safe?

Tests on styrene migration into food from styrene-based packaging have shown that these very low levels are not linked to health issues according to the United States Food and Drug Administration.

What is the impact of styrene-based products on the environment?

Styrene-based products (particularly food packaging), consume a relatively small proportion of resources, have lower carbon footprints with fewer greenhouse gas emissions than many alternative materials, and have an increasing number of recycling options*.

Our strengths in styrene monomer

We are recognised leaders in styrene monomer production, technology and product stewardship and have over 40 years’ experience in making and supplying styrene monomer through a global manufacturing base and supply network.

Safe handling and storage

We have a strong commitment to high health, safety and environment standards, have developed guidelines for the safe handling and storage of styrene monomer and play a leading role in industry initiatives in this area.


Styrene is a naturally occurring substance that is found in common food like cinnamon, coffee and strawberries.

Styrene is a naturally occurring substance

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