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What are propylene oxide glycol ethers and acetates?

Propylene oxide glycol ethers are extremely good solvents having a bifunctional nature (ether-alcohol). Due to their miscibility with both polar and non-polar substances they are often used as coupling agents in, for example, water-based paints.

Glycol ether acetates are clear liquids that often have a pleasant, fruity odour. Methyl PROXITOL acetate is widely used in the surface coatings industry as a solvent and to regulate flow and coalescence.

The Shell Chemicals range of propylene oxide glycol ethers and acetates is sold under the trade name PROXITOL. So Methyl PROXITOL and Methyl DIPROXITOL are our names for the monomethyl ether of propylene glycol and dipropylene glycol respectively. Methyl PROXITOL is sometimes called MP or PM.

How are propylene oxide glycol ethers and acetates used?

Propylene oxide glycol ethers and acetates are mainly used in surface coatings, printing inks, cleaners, cosmetics and agrochemical formulations. They are also used as extractants, and as coalescing agents and flow improvers in water-based paints.

What are our key strengths in the chemical solvents sector?

Broad product line: Our wide range of solvents enables us to cover most - if not all – solvents customer requirements. In this way we can help to rationalise and reduce the costs of procurement.

Global security of supply: Shell Chemicals are leading global suppliers of solvents, with strategically located plants offering continuous long term supply.

Consistency of product quality: long term production experience and development of proprietary Shell processes delivers product of high quality and consistency.

Multiple sales channels: customers can choose from a range of sales channels: direct dealings with our own customer service contacts, through distributors for smaller quantities, or via e-channels such as Customer Lounge or Elemica.

Experienced support staff: Shell Chemicals have in-depth knowledge of solvents products, their applications, and health, safety and environment issues. Local sales staff are well trained to identify and meet customer business needs.



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