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What are Gas-to-Liquids Fluids & Solvents?

Shell GTL Fluids and Solvents are next-generation, high-purity paraffinic fluids based on Gas-to-Liquids technology. Their unique synthetic composition, with low aromatics content, is designed to enhance performance over conventional solvents in many applications.

What are the characteristics of GTL Fluids and Solvents?

By drawing on Shell’s extensive technology and product expertise, the range is being developed to deliver the following performance characteristics:

Chemicals GLT beaker
  • Reduced environmental impact: low aromatic and naphthenic content designed to promote better biodegradability, lower ecotoxicity and lower photochemical reactivity. The latter is designed to result in very low ozone formation potential.
  • High purity: synthesised from methane gas, GTL Fluids and Solvents comprise only iso and normal paraffins. They contain low amounts of impurities such as sulphur, olefins and polycyclic aromatics. They have a bright and clear appearance.
  • Low odour: almost odourless, due to their low aromatic and naphthenic content.
  • Synthetic: GTL technology and gas feedstock are designed to provide a more stable, synthetic product with consistent composition.

How can GTL solvents be used?

Construction industry

Applications that can benefit from the attractive properties of GTL solvents include:

  • Heating fluids
  • Lamp oils
  • Lighter fluids
  • Crop protection products
  • Concrete mould release agents
  • Water treatment products
  • Metal cleaning/preserving
  • Di-electric/insulting oils

Which products are available?

A range of GTL Fluids and Solvents grades are already available. The products are sourced from the world-leading Pearl GTL plant in Qatar. The scale of that facility helps to ensure strong security of supply, while a global logistics network supports the fulfilment of orders in local markets.