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What is piperylene?

Piperylene -  also known as 1,3-pentadiene - is  produced as part of the separation process of crude C5 materials from pyrolysis gasoline (pygas) – both by-products of ethylene manufacture. It is essentially derived from crude oil via a number of extraction steps.

How is piperylene used?

Piperylene is used as an intermediate monomer in the manufacture of plastics, adhesives and resins. Piperylene-based products are notably present in modern adhesives - such as those used in the manufacture of envelopes, parcel tapes and diaper fastenings - and across the world in road markings.piperylene used

What are our key strengths in piperylene sector?

Shell chemicals companies have long experience in the manufacture of piperylene. Major manufacturing facilities are located on both sides of the Atlantic, giving customers reliability and flexibility of supply.

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