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What are NEOFLO products?

Alpha and internal olefins are produced via a proprietary process called the Shell Higher Olefins Process (SHOP). The process uses ethylene to produce highly linear, long-chain olefins. Within SHOP, some of the alpha olefins of varying chain lengths are rearranged and isomerised to produce internal olefins in the C11 to C18 range. Some of the internal olefins are fed to the Shell Hydroformylation (SHF) process to produce detergent alcohols. The C15 to C18 range material is used for both detergent and oilfield fluids end uses.

All NEOFLO products are synthetic, according to government regulatory agencies and industry organisation classifications.

How are NEOFLO products used?

NEOFLO fluids act as base stocks in the synthetic drilling fluids used in exploration and production drilling operations. They are designed for a wide range of applications, including marine discharge, land, and zero-discharge operations.

They help reduce the risks associated with offshore discharges without sacrificing performance. As drilling environments vary, three product series are offered -Premium, Enhanced and Standard. Each has different environmental performance profiles, and can be selected in line with specific operating conditions, regulatory environments and performance requirements.

What are our key strengths in the drilling fluids sector?

  • Range includes certified US Environmental Protection Agency compliant drilling fluids (NEOFLO 1 series).
  • Proactive and responsible players in global health, safety and environment arenas, including US EPA drilling fluids workgroups.
  • Excellent logistics capability, including several terminals to expand global reach.
  • Experienced sales team, able to work with customers to develop optimal supply solutions.
  • Collectively, Shell chemicals companies are among the largest global producers of linear alpha olefins.
  • Proven supply capability with world class operations and a global footprint.
  • Technical support from experienced staff based at the technology centres in Houston and Amsterdam.

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