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They are gentle and have good surface-active properties making them suitable alternatives to oleo-based derivatives.

Modified Oxo sulfates are very compatible with oleo alcohol sulfates and may be used as blends to generate stable foam under adverse conditions such as hard or soft water. Whether they are used in blends or alone, they respond well to formula viscosity thickening and require relatively small amounts of salt be added in order to trigger thickening.

Tests using NEODOL PC 118 sulfate blended with conditioning ingredients like silicone demonstrate that conditioners don’t interfere with lather performance.

Tests also show that NEODOL PC 118 sulfate drains more rapidly than commonly used sulfates but does not sacrifice the effect of the conditioning agent on clean hair. This is an important finding for formulators of two-in-one shampoo and conditioner products.

The synergy that develops between NEODOL for Personal Care sulfated products and additives such as fragrance, conditioners and co-surfactants may allow formulators to use lesser amounts of expensive additives, thus improving the cost performance of formulations.

NEODOL PC100 and 200 series
Applications NEODOL PC 100 alcohol NEODOL PC 200 alcohol NEODOL PC 118 & PC 220 alcohol ethoxylates
Shampoo * * *
Hair conditioner      
Body wash/liquid soap * * *
Deodorant *    
Bar soap * *