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Its versatility allows it to be used in skin care leave-on products like body lotions and sunscreens as well as rinse-away products like shampoos and conditioners.

NEODOL PC 600 has exceptional viscosity building and handling characteristics compared to commonly used alcohols with high molecular weights.

It is inherently emollient, odour free and non-sensitising. Creams and lotions blended with it leave a non-oily, moisturised after feel with no sticky residue.

It exhibits a diverse solubility profile and is compatible with a variety of commonly used moisturiser, emollient and sun-care ingredients.

NEODOL PC 600 provides excellent dispersion of inorganic sun-care pigments, including hydrophobic-modified zinc oxide.

Applications NEODOL PC 600
Shampoo   *
Hair conditioner   *
Body wash/liquid soap   *
Sunscreen   *
Lotion/moisturiser   *
Deodorant   *
Bar soap   *