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Shell chemicals companies are among the world's largest producers and suppliers of alcohols and alcohol ethoxylates. In the personal care sector, these NEODOL* products are used by leading shampoo, liquid soap and body wash manufacturers.

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Consumers in North and South America use, on average, more personal care products in their daily routine than those in any other global region. Venezuelan consumers top the list with 14 hygiene and grooming products used on average every day.

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NEODOL for Personal Care products are suitable for a range of personal cleansing applications and oral care products.

NEODOL Personal Care Product literature

NEODOL Personal Care product data

Four good reasons why you should consider Shell as your first-choice supplier of alcohol derivatives for use in personal care products.

NEODOL PC 600 is a modified Oxo (MO) Mono Methyl (MM) 100% branched alcohol that brings unique and beneficial properties to personal care formulations.

The NEODOL PC 100/200 series products are modified Oxo alcohol derivatives that can be used in a variety of personal cleansing applications.

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