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What are NEODOL LM ethoxylates?

Oleo alcohol feedstocks can be processed in much the same way as alcohols derived from alpha or internal olefins. NEODOL LM ethoxylates are produced from C12 to C16 alcohols derived from oleochemical sources (eg plant oils) and are typically more than 99% linear. Since the ethoxylates are manufactured by Shell, feedstock alcohols from outside suppliers must meet rigorous Shell quality standards to ensure overall quality and product performance.

How are NEODOL LM ethoxylates used?

Our NEODOL LM ethoxylates are used in many of the most respected consumer detergents, cleaning products and personal care products worldwide.

By adjusting the ratio of our Shell surfactants, and sometimes by combining with other surfactant types, formulations can be optimised for such features as detergency, foam profile, builder type, enzyme stability, cold water performance and product multi-functionality.

Certain applications may support the interchange of NEODOL LM ethoxylates with other NEODOL ethoxylate grades, so providing flexibility in formulations. Having both NEODOL ethoxylate and NEODOL LM ethoxylate options lets customers fully consider value, availability and performance of both types of surfactants when making purchasing decisions.

Why choose NEODOL LM ethoxylates from Shell?

  • The Shell site at Geismar is one of the largest integrated EO-ethoxylation facilities in the world. 
  • Shell chemicals companies are active players in industry forums that promote scientific, risk-based assessments of alcohols and ethoxylates. 
  • Technical product experts, located in Houston and Amsterdam, work closely with customers to identify the appropriate products for their needs, and to optimise customer formulations. 
  • We have a depth of knowledge and experience gained over more than 60 years in producing surfactants.  

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