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What are NEODOL alcohols and ethoxylates?

NEODOL alcohols are high purity, high linearity primary alcohols that typically contain 75-85% by weight normal alcohols. They contain both even and odd numbered carbon chains, offering excellent product qualities for various applications.

NEODOL alcohols are manufactured using the Shell hydroformylation (SHF) process from olefins produced from ethylene using the Shell Higher Olefins Process (SHOP). The alcohols are then reacted with ethylene oxide to produce NEODOL ethoxylates.

Shell chemicals companies offer a wide variety of alcohols and ethoxylates. The principal alcohol grades are NEODOL 91 (C9-C11 alcohols), NEODOL 23 (C12-13 alcohols), NEODOL 25 (C12-15 alcohols), NEODOL 45 (C14-15 alcohols), NEODOL 135 (C11-13-15 alcohols) and NEODOL 67 (C16-17 alcohols).

Both alcohols and ethoxylates are product groups. Generic formula for alcohols is CnH(2n+1)OH often referred to as 'ROH'. Generic formula for ethoxylates is RO(CH2CH2O)nH.

How are NEODOL alcohols and ethoxylates used?

NEODOL alcohols and ethoxylates are found in a wide variety of everyday products. NEODOL ethoxylates and other NEODOL-based surfactants are used in many of the most respected consumer detergents, cleaning products and personal care products worldwide. They are formulated into laundry powders and liquids, dishwashing liquid and hard surface cleaners. They are also used in the manufacture of a variety of industrial chemicals and in lubricating oil additives.

NEODOL alcohols and ethoxylates are often derivatised before use in formulations. The ease of ethoxylation and sulfation by conventional means makes the derivatives suitable for a broad spectrum of surfactant applications.

What are our key strengths in the alcohols and ethoxylates sector?

  • Shell is one of the largest integrated producer of alcohols and ethoxylates globally.
  • We produce high quality products manufactured to global specifications, allowing customers to create global formulations.
  • We offer unique manufacturing flexibilities, with even and odd carbon chain alcohols.
  • We have more differentiated alcohols, and we can offer custom combinations depending on your needs.
  • We are active players in industry forums that promote scientific, risk-based assessments of alcohols and ethoxylates.
  • Our technical product experts, located in Houston and Amsterdam, work closely with customers to identify the appropriate products for their needs, and to optimise customer formulations.
  • The Shell team offers a depth of knowledge and experience gained over more than 50 years.

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