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Our new light alcohol, NEODOL* 9, can help to meet your needs in formulating effective cleaning products. Its launch underlines our commitment to the surfactant industry and our continuing support for our customers’ innovation and growth. Commercial manufacture of NEODOL 9 has already started at Stanlow in the UK.

Alongside the new alcohol, we are commercialising a new ethoxylate, NEODOL 9-7, which can be used in:

  • Fast-wetting applications such as hard surface cleaners, agricultural adjuvants and textile applications;
  • Co-surfactants to enable super-concentrated surfactant blends for detergents.

Hard Surface Cleaners and other Fast-Wetting Applications

NEODOL 9-7 ethoxylates show a range of performance benefits that are important in fast-wetting applications:

Comparison of surfactant characteristics and customer benefits

Comparison of surfactant characteristics and customer benefits
Characteristics Benefits N9-7 N91-6 N91-8 N23-6.5 N25-7
Biodegradable Regulatory compliance + + + + +
Low viscosity Handling ease ++ ++ + + +
Non-gelling Easier to process ++ 
Fast wetting Rapid soil penetration  ++  ++  ++ 
High solubility  Rapid dissolving  ++  ++ 
Cloud point  Maintains final product clarity  ++  ++ 

Compact laundry formulations

Ethoxylates of NEODOL 9 offer exciting opportunities to detergent makers looking to produce super-concentrated, high-active matter (HAM) surfactant blends of up to 90% total active matter. They can be combined with either alcohol ether sulfate or LAS anionic surfactants, in either laundry or dishwashing detergents.

In addition to viscosity and dissolving time benefits, detergents incorporating HAM surfactant blends deliver more effective cleaning than blends using traditional non-ionic co-surfactants.

Regulatory support

Shell Chemicals is committed to protecting human health and the environment, as well as taking the necessary steps to ensure that products supplied meet regulatory requirements. More specifically:

  • NEODOL 9 has been registered by Shell in REACH (the European chemicals regulation).
  • NEODOL 9-7 is considered to be a polymer; REACH registration is therefore not required, but a notification is pending into the European Classification, Labelling and Packaging regulation.

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