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What are NEODENE linear alpha and internal olefins?

Shell chemicals companies manufacture NEODENE linear alpha and internal olefins (alkenes) using the advanced Shell Higher Olefins Process (SHOP), a controlled oligomerisation of ethylene in the presence of catalyst. These high purity olefins are produced and distilled into a wide range of single carbon numbers and blends. The products available include pure 1-butene, 1-hexene, 1-octene as well as a range of blends that can be tailored to meet individual customer specifications.

How are NEODENE linear alpha and internal olefins used?

Shell Chemicals linear alpha and internal olefins (which are sold under the NEODENE name) are extremely versatile and are used to make a wide variety of products consumers use every day.

Major outlets include:

Comonomers: breakthroughs in polyethylene (PE) technology and the rapid growth in elastomers are contributing to the demand for high-quality comonomers.

  • HDPE: Copolymerising NEODENE 4HP, 6XHP or 8 with ethylene in HDPE production offers enhanced toughness and the stress crack resistance required for pipe extrusion, injection moulding, blow moulding, film and rotational moulding applications. 
  • LLDPE: NEODENE 4HP, 6XHP and 8 are preferred in LLDPE production where toughness, tear strength and impact resistance are valued. End uses include toys, grocery sacks, food and drinks containers and shrink wrap film.

Synthetic Lubricants: NEODENE 8, 10, 12 are oligomerised to form polyalphaolefins (PAO), the synthetic lubricant base fluids of choice for high performance automotive and industrial applications.

Drag Reducing Agents: when polymerised, NEODENE 8, 10, 12 form a highly branched structure; when added to crude oil or other fluids, turbulence near the pipeline wall is reduced, thus reducing pumping losses.

Lubricant and Fuel Additives: additives derived from NEODENE alpha and internal olefins play an important role in helping lubricants and fuels deliver engine performance, fuel economy, extended drain intervals and cleaner emissions.

Oil Field Chemicals: in drilling muds, NEODENE alpha and internal olefins help remove cuttings as well as providing cooling and lubrication, all with reduced environmental impact.

Enhanced Oil Recovery: ENORDET surfactants are at the forefront of enhanced oil recovery technology.

Detergents and Personal Care: a wide range of surfactants such as primary alcohols and alcohol derivatives, alcohol ethoxylates, alpha olefin sulfonates (AOS), alcohol ethoxysulfates (AES), linear alkyl benzene (LAB), linear alkyl benzene sulfonate (LAS) and amine oxides can be derived from the appropriate NEODENE alpha olefin.

Alkenyl Succinic Anhydrides (ASA): when used in paper sizing, ASAs help increase paper’s resistance to water. Similarly, ASAs are used to soften and waterproof leather.

Plasticiser Alcohols: plasticisers are added to high weight polymers such as PVC to produce floor and wall coverings, and they help make wires, cables and synthetic leathers softer, more flexible and durable.