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What are LINEVOL plasticiser alcohols?

LINEVOL alcohols are a family of highly linear alcohols that can be reacted with other components to create products that are used to plasticise a variety of polymers, to impart improved flexibility. 

LINEVOL alcohols are manufactured from internal and alpha olefins using Shell Hydroformylation (SHF) technology, the same technology as is used for the NEODOL detergent range of alcohols.

There are three main grades: LINEVOL 9 (C9 alcohol), LINEVOL 911 (C9-11 alcohols) and LINEVOL 11 (C11 alcohol).

How are LINEVOL plasticiser alcohols used?

Shell Chemicals high purity LINEVOL alcohols are used as intermediates to produce high quality phthalate, adipate and trimellitate plasticisers.

These plasticisers are then used in applications such as:

  • wire and cable polyvinyl chloride (PVC) compounds for use in primary insulation and jacketing;
  • automobile dashboards, seating, and interior trim (offering low-fog and low-temperature properties);
  • higher value flexible PVC compounds;

What are our key strengths in the plasticiser alcohols sector?

  • Linear plasticisers offer improved mechanical properties (such as low temperature and volatility) over plasticisers made with branched alcohols.
  • Global specifications, yielding a consistent global brand position and products.   
  • Large global supplier with a record of reliable supply offering unique grades of plasticiser alcohols.
  • Quality products and service levels.   
  • Proactive and responsible industry players in respect of health and safety issues.