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Chemicals Product Lines

Alpha Olefins / Detergent Alchohols

Essential ingredient for creating packaging, detergents, sun creams or lubricants.


Clothing, packaging, paints, adhesives, computers, CDs, snow boards & tennis racquets are among products that rely on aromatics products.

Ethylene oxide/glycols

When we apply the brake or clutch in our car or wash our clothes or paint our homes we are dependent on ethylene oxide and its derivatives.

Lower olefins

Lower olefins, provide the basic building blocks of the modern petrochemical industry.

Phenol/Acetone and Nonene

Phenol, acetone and nonene are intermediates used to produce a wide range of raw materials that are further processed into many everyday items.

Propylene oxide and derivatives

Propylene oxide is a basic chemical building block that is used to make two principal derivatives: polyether polyols and propylene glycols.


The many end use applications that depend on solvents, together with glycol ethers range from paints to cleaning products, from antifreeze to adhesives.

Styrene monomer

Today, the Shell Group is the largest global seller of styrene monomer and has a strong global manufacturing

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