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What should you do?

Everyone in the chemicals supply chain has a role to play in the implementation of REACH. Each party needs to be aware of their respective obligations and prepared to communicate information on product usage and safe handling procedures, up and down the supply chain.

As a customer, it is important to ensure your supplier within the European Union (EU) registers the product for the ways in which you use it. In support of this, be prepared to provide information to your supplier about how you use the product. You should pay particular attention to the potential for human and environmental exposure.

Make sure you review the safe handling procedures proposed by your supplier and inform the supplier if these procedures are not applicable in your workplace. If your supplier is outside the EU, you may have obligations as an importer - see next section.

As an importer of a product into the EU, you may have registration obligations if an Only Representative has not been appointed. In the case that an Only Representative has been appointed for the substance and supply chain of your importation, make sure you contact the Only Representative to inform him of your identity and import tonnage. Once the Only Representative has confirmed he will take on your REACH registration requirements, you become Downstream User within the REACH Regulation.

As a supplier, you are required to understand how your product is handled throughout the supply chain. This information, in particular the potential for human and environmental exposure, will be required in your substance registration or that of the original EU manufacturer or importer.