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ElemicaTM  makes trading simple and more efficient, by implementing standardised processes. Through just one connection, you can trade with all other companies on the Elemica network.
It also enables the management of orders and invoices with a single, paperless system. To complement this, personalised account information can be accessed through the Shell Chemicals Customer Lounge.

Extra benefits

There are many other ways that Elemica can help save time and money. Businesses can:

  • place and receive orders, track shipping progress and handle invoices without the need for phone calls or faxes - and in complete security;
  • reduce IT costs, through the use of a single trading platform;
  • handle transactions 24 hours a day, meaning orders don't get held up because companies are working in different time zones;
  • plan logistics better - for example, trucks can spend less time picking up orders because they don’t need to wait for faxed confirmation between offices;
  • manage inventories more efficiently.

Joining the Elemica network does require some effort to integrate IT systems, but the benefits more than outweigh the effort. And you don't have to be a big company to secure significant economies through Elemica, where membership has expanded to over 1,500 companies worldwide.