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Update carrier information

If the company contact details listed on this webpage are incorrect please email us updated information.


The foregoing list does not limit Shell’s or the facility operator’s rights to refuse to load product to be transported by carriers hired by others, where it determines that doing so would be inappropriate or cause risk to persons or property. 

Shell or the facility operator reserves the right to deny entry where drivers’ entry credentials do not meet requirements at law or policy in effect at the facility or it is determined that entry should be denied for other causes related to safe operations of the facility.  

Shell does not accept liability for demurrage or delay related to these decisions. Shell does not intend that persons seeking to dispatch carriers to the facility rely on the presence of a carrier on this list to conclude that the carrier will meet all requirements customers may have, or that carriers who do not appear on the list are less fit in their ability to comply with HSSE requirements or to meet customers’ needs for transportation. 

To discuss the list or representation on the list, please contact your Shell representative.