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Man on site new plant construction

An Environmental, Social and Health Assessment (ESHA) study was commissioned, before construction work started on the site. The results were published in June 2006 and shared with the Singapore government.

Singapore complex ESHA study

As the project design was finalised, as part of the detailed engineering, an Addendum to the ESHA was carried out. It was completed in October 2007 and the results shared with the Singapore Government. The results are also available here.

Singapore complex ESHA Addendum October 2007

The SEPC team has also worked with the Jurong Town Corporation (JTC) who held discussions with many NGOs on various aspects of the project that might impact the environment.

For example, when it emerged that work to reclaim land for the project was going to affect coral growing on the nearby reef, an exercise was undertaken to relocate the coral to a safe location. Reclamation methods have also been modified to minimise siltation and damage to corals near the reclamation area.

Construction activity at SEPC has employed up to 15,000 people at its peak. Once the complex is operational, it will require the support of around 200 highly skilled staff.

Developing safety skills

In 2008, SEPC sponsored a unique, tailor-made training scheme to recruit and train people for health, safety, security and environment (HSSE) related roles, with the first intake of 60 candidates starting their programmes in September 2008.

The candidates have worked at sub-projects across the SEPC sites and trained on-the-job as they have worked towards an internationally recognised NEBOSH certificate. The programme represents a significant investment to develop quality HSSE people in a fast track learning environment and supports Shell’s sustainable development goals by promoting the professionalism of safety supervisors and a proactive safety culture in Singapore.