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Site details

Durban manufacturing location
Operator Essar Oil (UK) Ltd
Ownership Essar Oil (UK) Ltd: Refinery
Shell Chemicals UK Ltd: Higher olefins and derivatives plants
Principal activities

Shell Chemicals at Stanlow manufactures a range of petrochemicals from raw materials principally sourced from the ethylene facility at Mossmorran in Scotland (Shell:ExxonMobil JV). The petrochemical products made include:

  • higher olefins (intermediates for polymer, lubricant and detergent chemicals);
  • plasticiser and detergent alcohols (intermediates for plasticisers and for household detergents);

The Shell Chemicals plants are operated by Essar Oil (UK) Ltd on Shell’s behalf as part of an integrated oil refinery/ petrochemicals site.

Main chemicals products manufactured  Linear higher olefins; plasticiser alcohols; detergent alcohols