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Site details

Pernis manufacturing plant
Pernis, The Netherlands manufacturing location
Site size in hectares 550 (refinery + chemicals)
Site size in acres 1400 (refinery + chemicals)
Principal activities

Pernis is a joint oil refinery/chemicals manufacturing site. At this location, Shell Nederland Chemie BV (SNC) manufactures lower olefins, methyl tertiary butyl ether (MTBE), chemical solvents, hydrocarbon solvents, brake fluids and polyols. The oil refinery is operated by Shell Nederland Raffinaderij BV.

The materials made at Pernis are used by customers to manufacture many everyday products including car parts, foam seating and bedding, paints, cooling fluids, pharmaceuticals and petrol.

Main chemicals products manufactured

Propylene; isoprene; MTBE; chemical solvents; glycol ethers; hydrocarbon solvents; dicyclopentadiene; polyether polyols (polyols are sold under the CARADOL* trade name).

Certification All plants and departments have ISO9001-2000 and/or 14001 certification.
Other plants on site
  • PVC plant: owned and operated by Shin-Etsu PVC BV
  • Epoxy resins and precursors plant: owned and operated by Momentive Specialty Chemicals Inc
Adjoining industrial activities

The Pernis facility is part of a large industrial area which contains other petrochemical and refinery sites. Nearby communities are the villages of Pernis, Rhoon and Poortugaal and the cities of Hoogvliet (Rotterdam), Spijkenisse, Vlaardingen and Schiedam, all in a radius of 7 kilometers.

History Chemicals production started on the Pernis site in 1949. This site, together with the nearby Moerdijk site, has since grown into one of the largest chemical complexes in the Netherlands. The latest additions are a propylene oxide glycol ether plant, on-stream in 2001, and a polymer polyols plant, on stream in mid-2003.

Plant capacities

Pernis, The Netherlands manufacturing location plant capacities
Plant Ownership Capacity (kt/yr)
Donax brake fluids SNC BV not disclosed
Isoprene SNC BV 25
Polyols SNC BV 255
Propylene SNC BV 280
Solvents (continuous) SNC BV not disclosed

Contact details

Shell Nederland Chemie Pernis location contact details
Full address Shell Nederland Chemie BV
Vondelingenweg 601
3196 KK Rotterdam
The Netherlands
Telephone +31 10 4319111 or 0800-0238044 (toll free)
Fax +31 10 4312601
Emergency telephone +31 10 4318000
Contact number for potential employees +31 10 4312897
Site email infopernismoerdijk@shell.com
Web site http://www.shell.nl
Site manager Bart Voet