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Site details

Moerdijk manufacturing plant
Moerdijk, The Netherlands manufacturing location
Site size in hectares 320
Site size in acres 790
Principal activities

Shell Nederland Chemie BV manufactures base chemicals from the petroleum fractions naphtha, hydrowax, gasoil and LPG. A pipeline transports most of feedstock from the Shell refinery at Pernis to Moerdijk.

The products made at Moerdijk are used by customers to manufacture many everyday products, such as car components, synthetic fibres, insulation materials, latex paints and anti-freeze.

Main chemicals products manufactured

Ethylene; propylene; cracked gasoil; hydrogen; ethylene cracked residue; acetylene; butadiene; butene; dicyclopentadiene, benzene; IP-feed, pyrolysis gasoline, ethylene oxide; ethylene glycols; ethylbenzene, styrene monomer; propylene oxide


All plants and departments have ISO 9001-2000 and/or 14001 certification.

Other plants on site
  • Vinylesters plant (operated by SNC for Momentive Specialty Chemicals Inc)
  • Styrene monomer and propylene oxide plant (operated by SNC for ELLBA BV, a 50:50 joint venture between BASF and Shell)
Adjoining industrial activities
  • 1000 m to the south west: small scale industry
  • 1000 m to the south: LyondellBasell (polypropylene production)
  • 300 m to the east: Essent (electricity/steam generation), AZN (waste incineration) The Moerdiijk site is surrounded by several villages, with Klundert and Noordschans the nearest at respectively 1200 and 700 metres from the fenceline. In total, there are some 30,000 residents in a radius of about 7 kilometers.
  • 500 m to the southwest: Dr W Kolb (chemicals)
  • Shell Nederland Chemie is situated in the Industrial area Port of Moerdijk.
  • To the south east: Airliquide (gas depot), Den Hartog (tank cleaning and transport), Gentenaar (tank cleaning and transport)
  • 1968: Shell bought initial 250 hectares
  • 1970: First phase of construction started
  • 1976: Second phase of construction started
  • 1978: Additional 250 hectares purchased
  • 1996: Third phase of construction started
  • 1999: Opening of the ELLBA SM/PO manufacturing JV (Shell/BASF 50:50)
  • 1999: vinylesters business sold to Resolution Performance Products, later Hexion and currently Momentive Specialty Chemicals
  • 2000: Completion of major debottleneck of lower olefins plant
  • 2002: Start-up of benzene extraction plant
  • 2004: increase in ethylene oxide capacity through addition of third reactor
  • 2008: Sale of 130 acres of land

Plant capacities

Moerdijk, The Netherlands manufacturing location plant capacities
Plant Ownership Capacity (kt/yr)
Benzene extraction SNC BV 500
Butadiene extraction SNC BV 115
Butadiene hydrogenation SNC BV 105
Ethyl benzene SNC BV 640
Ethylene glycols SNC BV 155
Ethylene oxide SNC BV 305
Pygas hydrogenation SNC BV 750
SM/PO 1 Styrene monomer; propylene oxide SNC BV 450; 210
SM/PO 2 Styrene monomer; propylene oxide Ellba BV 550; 250
Steam cracker: ethylene; propylene SNC BV 900 ; 500

Contact details

Moerdijk, The Netherlands manufacturing location contact details
Full address Shell Nederland Chemie BV
Locatie Moerdijk
Chemieweg 25
The Netherlands
Telephone +31 168 359111
Fax +31 168 355415
Emergency telephone +31 168 355345
Contact number for potential employees +31 168 355753
Site email infopernismoerdijk@shell.com
Web site http://www.shell.nl/moerdijk
Site manager Paul Buijsingh


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