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Site details

Mobile manufacturing location, United States of America
Mobile, Alabama, United States of Americamanufacturing location
Site size in hectares 370
Site size in acres 914
Principal activities

Mobile processes foreign and domestic crudes for the production of Heavy Olefin Feed, which is subsequently shipped to and converted at other Shell sites to ethylene, propylene, butadiene, etc. A range of other fuel products such as liquid petroleum gases, gasoline and kerosene are also made at Mobile.

Main chemicals products manufactured

Heavy Olefin Plant Feed; plus refined products: LPGs (liquid petroleum gases); gasoline; kerosene (jet fuel); diesel (# 2 oil); # 6 oil blend stock

Adjoining industrial activities

There are about 125 developed acres at the main plant site. The plant is bordered by wetlands on three sides. There are no adjoining or immediate industrial or residential neighbours. The facility also operates a deep-water dock on the Mobile River approximately 7.5 miles (12 km) from the plant. This facility includes a dock and tanks and is bordered by an industrial ship repair facility and another industrial tank farm and dock. 

  • Since acquisition, Shell Chemical LP has conducted some debottlenecking, including the # 1 Crude Unit and the Vacuum Unit, to increase Heavy Olefin Feed production.
  • The facility was purchased by Shell on 1 August 1996.
  • The original facility was built and operated by Louisiana Land & Exploration Company, starting in 1975 with a single crude unit and reformer. Various units were added over time.

Plant capacities

Mobile, Alabama, USA manufacturing location plant capacities
Plant Ownership Capacity (million lbs/yr; kt/yr)
Crude Oil Refinery: Crude rate Shell Chemical LP 8707 (3950)
Diesel (high & low sulfur) Shell Chemical LP 1959 (889)
Gasoline Shell Chemical LP 2550 (1159)
Heavy Olefin feedstock Shell Chemical LP 2500 (1136)
Jet fuel Shell Chemical LP 1395 (633)
Light Olefin feedstock Shell Chemical LP 260 (118)
LPG (liquid petroleum gases) (propane and butane) Shell Chemical LP 293 (132)
Residual fuel oil Shell Chemical LP 855 (388)

Contact details

Mobile, Alabama, USA manufacturing location contact details
Full address Shell Chemical LP - Mobile
400 Industrial Parkway
Extension East
USA 36571
Telephone +1 251 675 7040
Fax +1 251 679 7125
Emergency telephone +1 251 675 7040
Site manager Brenda Stout